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This body of work responds Moslem “clothing” style used by many women in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia. Hijab rests on sharia rules which require women to cover their bodies from head to toe. Hijab is chosen to talk about clothes that make the user invisible and lose their identity. But on the other hand, these clothes also become very visible and give identity to the wearer.

However, the hijab became a trend and is a demanded commodity in the market. There are many variations of this kind of limitation. This series of works shows how the subjects behind the veil (hijab) can offer their existence.

“Pasar Baru” has two meanings: the name of a shopping center in Bandung that sells Muslim clothing where I do research and buy all the material and “Pasar Baru” as a new market that represents the idea of ​​commodification and Muslim fashion trends.

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